Application Of Ultra Thin Lamp Box

- Feb 09, 2018-

1, the municipal level lighting system, square lamp project, park attractions, local engineering, cell engineering Festival publicity column project, Shelter Engineering, bank ATM, telephone booth engineering, power engineering, construction engineering, engineering emergency show airport engineering, subway train station channel export project etc..

2, exhibition hall, museum, library, gymnasium, art gallery, exhibition hall, opera house, University, middle school, vocational school, hospital, bank, insurance and securities decoration and publicity project.

3, hotel, restaurant, hotel, villa, teahouse, restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, cake bar, Cara OK hall, dance hall, sauna center, beauty salon, fitness room, health centers painting, landscaping works.

4, conference center, exhibition center, processing center, municipal engineering, department stores, chain supermarkets, shopping malls, jewelry stores, cosmetics chain, beverage trade, tobacco trade, fast-food chain, pharmaceutical chain, Stationery Center, boutique center, furniture center, home appliances, instruments, such as the wholesale monopoly promotion project.

5, wedding dresses, home decoration, architectural decoration, Design Institute, Planning Institute, product design center, bridge building, etc.