Characteristics Of LED Electronic Handwritten Fluorescent Plate

- Feb 10, 2018-

1, the electroluminescent board, attractive, N different backlight flicker color, N different flash rate, no matter in the daytime and night can work ideally.

2, LED (LED wirting electronic handwriting fluorescent plate board) can use any fluorescent pen, light graphic design. At present, most of the advertising signboards are one-off, and the LED electronic handwritten fluorescent board has repeated use functions. Suitable for handwriting of this new way of publicity, the variety of handwriting, arbitrary in the embodiment of chic, deliberately create a different atmosphere. In order to better reflect their own style, so you always have a unique style of the shop, out of the ordinary, conform to no conventional pattern.

3, LED electronic handwritten fluorescent board (LED wirting board) font is clear, can draw any image, easy to clean.

Handwritten LED fluorescent board promotion application

Handwritten LED fluorescent board promotion application

4. The original material of the light emitting device can be continuously bright for more than 50 thousand hours.

5, the luminescent board is powered by 12V/5V DC safety voltage, and it can be conveniently made up of any country's power plug.

6. The writing area adopts high hardness and high transparent aeronautical materials. It is used for a long time without scraping and fragility.

7, the appearance is novel, the installation is convenient (can be installed directly on the wall, save space).