Classification Of Light Box Light Source

- Feb 09, 2018-

Energy saving lamps, LED and EEFL

Energy-saving lamp by Philip or the European T5 lamp. Our meet international standards, the light effect is more than 100Lm/W, life of 10000 hours. More than T5 high efficiency energy-saving lamp adopts three color powder of rare earth fluorescent lamp, no radiation, T8 lamp finer, higher luminous efficiency, light flicker, close to natural light, and the color index is high, the illuminated objects of bright color, clear and bright, suitable for long time work, can make workers feel comfortable, to illuminate the lively feeling of excitement. In the case of the same power consumption, the T5 energy-efficient lamp is 35%~50% less energy than the T8 fluorescent lamp, and the line current is reduced by 3 times. Its basic heating life can be prolonged by 2~3 times, which truly realizes the green lighting with energy saving and environmental protection.

The luminous efficiency of EEFL is above 168Lm/W, and its life span is more than 60000 hours. EEFL is made of hard glass tube -- high borosilicate glass and finer than T4 lamp. EEFL energy efficient lamp is more than 50% energy saved than T4 fluorescent lamp.

LED lamp strip with high density LED light bar and general density LED lamp strip

High density LED lights: 1 meter 148 LED lights, one meter power 9W, life 50000 hours

General density LED lamp: one meter and 65 LED lamps, one meter power of 4W, and more than 50000 hours life