Comparison Of Exserted Light And Internal Luminescence

- Feb 09, 2018-

Compared with the plastic characters, the exserted luminescence character has a high performance price ratio. After analysis, there are the following characteristics:

1, as the light is exposed, it is not affected by other things, so the luminance is higher than that of the luminescent word.

2, the cost is relatively low, the conventional plastic character is also known as the light box, it is made up of two sets of characters and the lights inside. Therefore, the cost is relatively high. And LED out of light, it can be made of iron or stainless steel to make a set of words, and then by punching the lamp, the cost is saved.

3, the luminescence is even. Because the size of the drawing is limited by the size of the stroke, there is no way to brush the ordinary mould, so there will be a different brightness of the word. The external luminescent word is mounted on a single LED lamp, so there is no such phenomenon (unless the light is broken) in the LED.

4, easy maintenance, the lamp is exposed words can be detached from the outside, and the plastic boxes need to be split out side word word. For the high

It takes a lot of cost, such as building a shelf or renting a basket, on the top of the building.

5, the size limit, the general appearance does not need to worry about the size of the word, and the plastic plastic is limited by the plastic machine. Too big words need splicing, so the words are very beautiful, there are certain marks. Led exposed light, iron piercing light, dew point light, colorful sign, special super small light, underwater special luminous characters, LED glass body surface light emitting light.LED luminous characters, large luminous signs, led exposed perforation light, light metal punching word production and installation of one-stop service. Such as iron skin punching light word, metal hollow light word, stainless steel perforated paint, dew point LED light word, external luminescent sign billboard production and installation.