Outdoor Advertising Ushered In The LED Era

- Feb 09, 2018-

LED full-color display is a new information display media that has been developing rapidly in the world in the 90s of last century. It has a series of advantages, such as strong adaptability to environment, high energy saving, long life, changeable magic, benefit and environmental protection. It is active and has a high distance resolution. Even in a hundred meters, the visual effect is the same as watching TV at home. The technical level of China's LED display industry is relatively advanced, advanced level of main products and key technology and international industry can remain the same, but the technology is backward, product standardization, the overall system design, reliability, manufacturing process and test test methods have obvious gap with the international advanced level. With the progress of semiconductor materials and process technology and the increase of production volume, the performance of LED will further improve and the price will continue to fall. It will enter the field of outdoor advertising step by step and comprehensively.