The Application Of Neon Light

- Feb 09, 2018-

Neon lamp is a traditional light source, a low pressure gas glow discharge tube with cold cathode, and an electrode with built-in filament. It generates cold electron emission and exciting arc discharge by high-pressure bombardment, so that the gas atoms in the tube are irradiated by radiation. With the passage of time, the neon technology has made great progress. The new vacuum technology has enhanced the accuracy and consistency of the electronic tube processing, and the life has reached 10000 H. Neon lighting circuit breakdown and operating voltage is very high, because the neon technicians with rich experience, will know how to safely install and use it, the transformer low open circuit voltage level, shorten the length of wire, the insulating material quality, take with the neon light protection device technology, the microelectronic technology design three, the brightness of the color tubes are respectively controlled by microprocessor, both on the neon light out of control, and can carry out the digital dimming color, and the color of the myriads of changes produce a riot of colours, greatly enhance the neon rendering effect, improves the reliability of neon lights and high flexibility. The neon lights are now designed, manufactured and installed, as well as the attractive landscape effects of LED. Neon lights also have visual impact and artistic appeal, in a unique way and shape to reflect the enjoyment of the art of human life in pursuit of beauty.