The Characteristics Of LED Electronic Billboard

- Feb 09, 2018-

LED display has many advantages, such as bright color, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable operation. It has been widely applied in many industries, such as stations, wharfs, shopping malls, banks and other public places. LED display is used for information release. At present, more and more types of LED display, from the use of occasions and considering the brightness can be divided into indoor and outdoor screens, from the scanning mode can be divided into static and dynamic scanning display scanning display screen. LED luminescent display is a kind of cheap and inexpensive output equipment used in the application products of single chip microcomputer. Its main advantage is to reduce the cost. Improve reliability and be easy to implement. The design of a simple LED electronic advertising board is mainly through the use of single chip microcomputer control system to achieve the display of Chinese characters, as well as the rolling up and down of Chinese characters and the right and left movement, to complete the three-dimensional design and display.