The Development Of LED Advertising

- Feb 09, 2018-

The history of LED technology was not long, and the first red light LED was produced by 1969. In 70s, the low luminous efficiency of LED began to be used for light, digital and text display. From the beginning of 90s, LED full-color display has become a new rapid development of the global information display media, a large area which makes use of the light-emitting diode composed of lattice module or pixel unit composed of display screen, combined with microelectronics, optics, signal processing and other modern high technology, become the best carrier of commercial advertisement outdoor release.

LED display the rapid development in China, to 2006 Chinese display market sales reached 401 billion 500 million yuan, of which the outdoor advertising and the stadium full color field sales reached 121 billion 700 million yuan, accounting for 74.13% of the market, full color display. In the next five years, driven by the Olympic Games, World Expo and Asian Games, China's LED display, especially the full color display, will continue to maintain a rapid development momentum. The annual average annual growth rate of China's LED full color display market demand will reach 2212% from 2006 to 2010.