The History Of The Development Of The Lamp Box

- Feb 09, 2018-

With the further promotion of molded light boxes, the increasingly fierce competition in the market and the continuous emergence of new materials, the technology of molded light boxes will also improve continuously, and the expressive force will also continue to enrich. We have reason to believe that the forming lamp box will show more beautiful features in more space.

The intelligent turn to light box is different from the general light box. The intelligent turn to light box can install many advertising pictures in a light box, and it can automatically transform the picture within the time set. This function makes the displayed advertising content more vivid and greatly improves the publicity effect.

Intelligent transfer Lightbox shell of high quality wood, stainless steel, special aluminum, curium paint and other styles, a variety of styles and chassis for customer choice, body appearance, large windows, sturdy and durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor signs, window.

There are many kinds of automatic setting functions in intelligent transfer picture box, such as automatic turn on and shutdown system, set the number of pictures to change freely, set the screen time to stay, choose different exhibition combinations freely.

The intelligent transfer lamp box is suitable for various companies and all walks of life as a display master. It can reduce the cost of advertising for customers and beautify the city.